compétences avocats

Public business law

LA BRUYERE advises and defends clients in public business law, in particular in public contract law, public construction law, public works, public domain and town planning.

Public contracts

We advise clients on public procurement procedures and assist them in responding to calls for tenders, attending hearings, participating in negotiations and finalizing all public contracts.

We represent and defend clients in all litigation related to the procurement of public contracts (in summary proceedings, pre-contractual or contractual summary proceedings and/or on the merits, prefectural referral, etc.).

We have a recognized expertise in pre-litigation and litigation related to the financial and technical performance of public contracts (change orders, decisions to carry on, amendments, payments, contractors’ claims, final accounts, extensions of times, supplementary works, essential works, hardship, etc.) and the termination of said contracts.

We defend and represent clients in arbitration, conciliation (advisory committees for amicable dispute resolution) or mediation.

Public construction law

We have an extensive experience in defending the interests of clients in judicial surveys and in court proceedings related to latent defects in public works (bridges, roads, tunnels etc.).

Public works and public domain law

We advise and defend clients in respect of the occupation of the public domain (occupation agreements or orders, etc.) and of public works (liabilities due to the existence of public works, etc.).

Town planning and land development

Audit of town planning authorizations (building permits, etc.), legal actions against town planning authorizations (building permits, development permits, etc.), litigation on town planning easements (social housing, etc.), etc.